We refuse to accept any standard short of perfection

High End Jewellery for Free-Spirited Woman with an emphasis on comfort and wearability

Why Choose Us?

Modern women dilemma - should I sacrifice my comfort for beauty or should I cease to participate in this never ending race of staying beautiful at all times. Here, at Kamila Fine Jewellery we’re trying to solve this for you by providing the best quality jewelry products that not only look beautiful, but also sit and feel like a natural part of you.

The best master I've ever met, very responsive and considerate about all of our dreams and wants. I'm so lucky to discover this brand and I'm always in awe of her creations.

Lara Soboleva
local celebrity

About Us

Mila Kaller

Jewelry Designer and store owner

We're a small team of perfectionists creating high end jewellery for free-spirited women with an emphasis on comfort and wearability